Eat Istanbul Food Tours offers food walking tours along with a historical and cultural guide of the neighbourhoods. The tours feature local guides who take visitors along the paths less travelled, the authenticity of the city, and of course walk you through the how-to’s of food tasting and food pairings.

Our mission is to provide you with a genuine experience of Istanbul’s products and artisans, as well as taste of Istanbul herself! We want our locals and visitors to step off the beaten path and come into cantact with the very heart of Kadıköy.

It is an honour working with the local vendors, employees, and artisans we spotlight on the Istanbul Asian Side Food Tour. We believe that it is important to connect, support and develop relationships with the craftspeople and innovators behind local companies.

We are proud to be ambassadors of this unique city and Kadıköy neighbourhood. We continually strive to represent it’s unique charm, historical background, and vibrant and ingrained sense of community. We strongly believe in the benefits of a thriving tourism industry and do our best to produce innovative tours that represent Istanbul fairly. Most importantly we thrive to produce tours which will bring people from all walks of life together.


Murat Yazıcı is a urban planner, the managing partner of Area Real Estate Development Advisory, and a travel enthusiast. His interest in travelling and meeting with different people from various cultures has paved the way to share his Istanbul Food experiences with those who are visiting beautiful Istanbul, where he names as “the Wonderland”.